MD Anderson Cancer Center Coordinator, Research Data - Thoracic/Head & Neck Med Oncology in Houston, Texas

Research Data Coordinator - Thoracic/Head & Neck Med Oncology

Job Specific Competencies

Assist in the coordination of data entry on clinical research studies including the Oropharynx Program Database research project.

-Communicate verbally and in writing, as needed or as requested by study investigator, with internal reviewers (e.g., Surveillance Committee) or external agencies (e.g., pharmaceutical sponsors and/or governmental study sponsors, such as National Cancer Institute or Food and Drug Administration).

-Complete forms and comply with institutional, state, and/or federal regulations to capture study participant data from study initiation through termination.

-Assist in coordinating and send outgoing material and correspondence to institutional, state, and/or federal agencies.

-Prepare reports for the sponsoring agency, as specified by reporting requirements (e.g., monthly, semiannually, and annually for NCI studies).

-Inform sponsors and collaborators of data status of protocols at least monthly in formal departmental protocol review meetings.

Assist in the coordination of the protocol administration of departmental and multidisciplinary clinical trials for thoracic, head and neck medical oncology, the Oropharynx Program Database, and the Lung Cancer Moon Shot GEMINI research project.

-Assist in the coordination and administration of departmental clinical research protocols.

-Maintain a system for controlling paper flow for protocols, to include setting up and maintaining reference file system.

-Maintain and update departmental protocol reference materials.

-Assist in the preparation of scheduled status reports describing interim data, using the Patient Data Management System.

  • Assists in the creation of mailing labels for protocol related data and tissue.

-Assists in the organization of the research file room.

Assist in the coordination of protocol submissions to meet institutional protocol deadlines and with meeting other departmental paperwork deadlines .

-Meet daily with the department coordinator or clinical research program coordinator to discuss current status of projects and to maintain a consistent dialog and united focus.

-Anticipate and meet deadlines for protocol and grant processing.

-Prompt staff to anticipate and meet deadlines for protocol processing.

-May be required to physically hand carry paperwork through the institutional system for timely completion, which includes, but is not limited to, carrying grants and protocols from one office to another to deliver, obtain signatures, etc.

-Anticipate and maintain adequate research record storage supplies

Maintain a high level of professional expertise and credibility through educational programs, including on-site training and off-site conferences

-Attend departmental research meetings and conferences.

-Attend approved off-site meetings and conferences.

-Supplement education as needed through use of reference materials, lectures, etc.

-Be punctual in arriving at all professional functions.

-Inform appropriate staff and arrange coverage for necessary functions when absent.

Utilize technical writing ability to compose and abstract medical and scientific information for preparation of written correspondence, reports, and protocols under the direction of study investigators

-Prepare a written record to summarize the progress, goals, and objectives of specific research meetings attended

Assist in the development of and help maintain an organizational system to coordinate research meetings and research deadlines and inform department staff, as needed

-Schedule research meetings and complete all related details, including obtaining equipment, making conference room reservations, and inviting appropriate speakers and collaborators.

-Generate documents on computer, using word processing, spreadsheet, and other software to produce professional appearance.

-Assist in the coordination and preparation of a monthly update for departmental protocol review.

-Communicate with appropriate individual(s) regarding upcoming deadlines, meetings, etc.

-Coordinate monitor schedule with PI, research nurse, investigational pharmacy, and regulatory.

Assist in data management, organization, and analysis of clinical research information

-Maintain the ability to enter data in PDMS on an emergency basis.

-Assist physicians with data analysis, as needed.

-Review medical records and demonstrates ability to extract pertinent information and transfer this information accurately, completely and timely into appropriate data collection device.

-Assist in the research record archival process.

Assist in literature search and/or reference verification

-As time permits, go to Research Medical Library to research required materials or utilize computer access to MEDLINE.

-Provide a protocol reference system that is an effective means of maintaining, storing, retrieving, and accessing up-to-date protocols, correspondence, etc.

Other duties as assigned

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent.

Experience Required: Two years of related experience. May substitute required experience with completed years of college on a one to one basis.

Experience Preferred: Prior research experience, lab research experience

Schedule: Monday - Friday 8 - 5pm

It is the policy of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other basis protected by institutional policy or by federal, state or local laws unless such distinction is required by law.