MD Anderson Cancer Center Coordinator, Patient Services - Cancer Prevention Center in Houston, Texas

Coordinator, Patient Services - Cancer Prevention Center

Service Excellence

Provides service to our stakeholders, including patients, caregivers, colleagues and each other, in a safe, courteous, accountable, efficient and innovative manner to include:

a. Safety: Provides an environment of well-being for patients, their families and other stakeholders

b. Courtesy: Creates a positive, compassionate, individual experience through communication and teamwork by addressing the needs, wants, stereotypes and emotions of each person

c. Accountability: Applies expertise and commits to the highest level of service and accepts responsibility for the result

d. Efficiency: Delivers seamless operation of systems and processes in a timely manner

e. Innovation: Advances knowledge and patient care in a solution-oriented environment that is conducive to learning and encourages acceptance of new research, techniques and technologies


Patient/Family & Multidisciplinary Team Interaction:

a. Greets, orients and answers questions

b. Advises patients and family members of available services

c. Schedules provider appointments, diagnostic tests, procedures, and treatments

d. Assists in maintaining a safe environment for patients, co-workers, and visitors by performing environmental rounds

e. Takes patient photos and initiates patient arm bands for identification ensuring accuracy and patient safety

Coordination of Care:

a. Accurately schedules patient appointments from patient appointment desk or the schedule orders workqueue; also uses patient communication received via in-basket messaging for coordination of appointments

b. Manages the schedule orders workqueue to ensure timely scheduling of appointments based on expected dates

c. Communicates pertinent information regarding appointments, scheduling, and necessary preparations to patients, families, physicians, team members, and other patient care areas in person, by mail, by phone, by online applications, or by in-basket messaging

d. Schedules and coordinates patient appointments for the benefit of the patient, considering factors such as patient demographics, other scheduled appointments, patient preference, etc.

e. Schedules orders based on designated procedures defined by leadership; seeks clarification of orders, when needed.

f. Ensures that scheduling actions needed, based on patient appointment reminder responses, are completed daily, as assigned.

Record Maintenance:

a. Prepares patient materials and documentation according to established procedures.

b. Uses all functions of One Connect to ensure efficient scheduling and record maintenance.

c. Prepares and maintains daily appointment templates and/or patient records electronically and/or manually as directed

d. Updates relevant patient information in order to maintain an accurate and thorough patient record

e. Protects the security and confidentiality of patient information at all times

Financial Activities

a. Reviews and collects patient payments, including co-payments, deductibles, and other pre-payments required for services rendered

b. Updates payment information in One Connect when directed by the Financial Clearance Center or Patient Access Services

c. Reconciles One Connect cash drawer on a daily basis and immediately reports discrepancies to leadership

d. Follows cash handling guidelines and procedures including the handling of the daily change fund as outlined by Treasury Services in the cash manual

e. Performs validation of the Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire (MSPQ) required for accurate and timely billing

f. Ensures coordination of benefits and assignment of Hospital Account Record (HAR)

Other duties as assigned


Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent

Preferred Education: Associate's Degree

Experience Required: Three years of relevant work experience. May substitute additional education for required experience on a one to one basis.

Preferred Experience: Customer service in a healthcare area

Onsite Presence: Is Required